How It Works

Pull content. Push content. Get exposure.

BloomJoy’s flexible licenses make it easy for publishers, bloggers, influencers and brands to work together. Whether you’re looking to syndicate your content to a larger audience or license content from our premium publishing partners, we’ve created a simple, cost-effective, SEO friendly way to grow your media brand.

Pull Content

Get more content without expanding your editorial team.

💪 BloomJoy Boost allows publishers and brands to grow their content libraries at a fraction of the cost of hiring new creatives. Our award-winning creative team carefully curates high quality content, and ensures proper attribution, including a rel=canonical tag which helps search engines accurately understand the syndication relationship, protecting everyone.

Push Content

Get more traffic from content you've already created.

🚀 BloomJoy Rise is reimagining native content recommendation by giving publishers and bloggers a larger audience for their stories. Through content syndication we’re powering 100 million content recommendations to our publishers, per month, and we’re just getting started.

Get Exposure

Get more exposure for your branded content.

Traditional branded content models are expensive. 🚀 BloomJoy Rise pumps your brand’s content into a massive network of sites and blogs, for free, while 💪 BloomJoy Boost gives you the opportunity to license proven content. No catches.

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