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We're not like a regular company. We're a cool company.

BloomJoy is growing and we’re looking for fresh faces and new talents to join us.

Job Openings

CTO/VP of Engineering

BloomJoy is building the world’s largest syndicated content marketplace. Our model is simple: we create and curate the best stories on the web and make them available for synidcation to anyone with an audience.

From the Huffington Post to celebrity influencers to your college roommate with his weird fan fiction blog, our content library is for anyone looking to engage their audiences and increase their revenue with proven content.

Why You Should Join Our Team
Besides offering competitive compensation and benefits, a flexible work schedule and the ability to work from anywhere, working at BloomJoy will present meaningful challenges and unparalleled career advancement opportunities.

We’re laying the foundation for the future of digital content consumption and distribution by building best-in-class products to make digital publishing simple again.

What You’ll Do:

The VPE/CTO is responsible for the people, processes, and plans required to successfully execute engineering projects at BloomJoy.

Ensure engineering teams have a shared mental model of and are working toward an architectural vision that supports the company’s strategic goals.

Ensure they have the right tools, environment, and peers to succeed; identify and deal with poor performers; help good engineers grow into great engineers.

Lead the selection and implementation of development methodologies, bug tracking and collaboration tools, code and documentation standards, source control usage guidelines, and so on. Measure the effectiveness of and iterate on the ways we do technical interviewing, code reviews, etc. Create and evolve organizational structures and processes as the team grows. Define the way engineering gets done at BloomJoy

Through delegation to engineering directors and principal engineers and hands-on contributions, translate functional requirements into actionable and pragmatic implementation plans, with large projects broken down into granular phases, including time and complexity estimates and the early identification of risks and important open questions. Ensure engineering teams take a safe and direct path from idea to shippable software, balancing the short-term pressures to build things fast with the long-term imperative to build things right.

Always be aware of the daily distractions and the process and organizational failures that make them miserable or unproductive. Find and advocate for solutions. Ensure engineers have the tools, processes, environment, and engineering culture they need to be happy and successful.

What you’ll bring:

  • 10+ years of software engineering experience and 3+ years of managing an engineering team.
  • Experience managing multiple technical platforms and migrating to newer ones when needed.
  • WordPress and WP plugin mastery.
  • Hands-on, willing, and able to perform all software management tasks.
  • A loyal following of diverse engineering talent that you have hired and mentored
  • Experience scaling an engineering organization in a high-growth environment
  • Strong consensus building skills, negotiation, and decision-making skills, coupled with sound judgment.
  • Ability to both code and mentor and lead engineers at the technical level.

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